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10 Tips for Using Your Corporate Identity Video

Posted by on May 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

 A 2 – 3 minute high quality branding video is a powerful too to deliver your story: your organization, your staff, and your product or service story. Branding videos were previously mainly used at trade shows – and this is still an important venue for their use; however, now the distribution streams are much broader – and are expanding rapidly with the proliferation of screens.  This provides businesses a powerful cost-effective tool for new and affordable opportunities for increased exposure.  Below are 10 of our favorite tips for gaining exposure with your corporate identity video.

Strategic Media Tips

  1. Social Media:  You can post your video on various social video sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) as well as drive traffic to your site (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). Posting your video to social media can be done a few times a year – and incorporated into any social media ads.
  2. Website/Mobile Device: Mobile access to websites now out-ranks computers.  Make sure your website is mobile friendly and your corporate identity video is front and center.  Video is always a useful tool for increasing your ranking on search engines as well.
  3. Email marketing: Include a link to your company’s corporate branding video in your email marketing with Constant Contact or Mail Chimp.  Don’t have an e-mail strategy? Get one started with your corporate ID video!  If you don’t have or need e-mail marketing, send it out to interested customers in a standard email.  It may be the edge you need to close the sale.
  4. QR Codes: Use strategically placed QR codes to link smart phones directly to your video.
  5. Flash Drives: Include a branded flash drive in your marketing materials that contains your video.  People will use a flash drive and they will likely look at what is on the drive.  Easy and cost effective.
  6. Sales Presentations: Include your video in your sales team’s presentation.
  7. Company Lobby: Many company lobbies already have large screens – this provides excellent overview of your company for potential clients and reinforces your brand with your employees.
  8. Business Networking: Your corporate identity video is a powerful tool for introducing your company at business networking events.
  9. Product Promotion:  Is your product sold in a retail or corporate retail environment? Take a look at GoPro – they’ve made excellent use of having a corporate identity video looping at their product displays.
  10. Trade Shows: Still an excellent place to use your corporate identity video.